Horse stable rubber mat tile advantages

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Horse Stable Rubber Mats

Horse Stable Rubber Mats collection offers beautiful contemporary outdoor mat designs with stunning scraping features. They are eco-friendly since the backing of these mats is made from 100% recycled rubber tyres, one of the largest and most hazardous types of post-consumer waste. We, as a company, pride ourselves in doing our part for a cleaner and brighter planet Earth. These stable mats have a high definition decorative top surface design with moulded construction with deep channels that trap dirt. We offer a range of different designs to suit your home & garden needs!

The horse rubber floor has many advantages:

On one hand, it can let horses more comfortable when they lie down on this mat.

The surface pattern will play the role of massage for horses.

On the other hand, it will keep your barn clean, Reduce horse disease incidence.

Help you win more horse races and attract more attention.

Others: Anti-pressure, Anti-slip, Sound-absorb and shock resistant,

Easy to install and maintain,

Heavy Duty, Water Absorbent Floor Mat - Excellent for scraping dirt off footwear

Featuring 100% Recycled Rubber Backing - Great for the Environment

Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor Use




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