SOL RUBBER focus on rubber products, acoustic products and sport products. 
Since its inception, SOL RUBBER has built a reputation for high quality products, which help the users to perform more accurately and effectively.
Market Strategy:
According to the market demand,SOL RUBBER consider the extential customers as partners to develop new product in order to benefit each other that assist to shorten the design time and enhance the competition of the new product. 
Technology innovation
With the strongest RD team and the introduction of advance equipment, SOL RUBBER satisfy customers’s need and rapidly develop new product which fit in with customization. 
Reliable quality
Our certification are CE, EN1177, ISO, ROHS, SGS,TUV, Fire resistance, etc.
Whatever you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will use a fair price to provide high-quality products and good after sell services. Customer first, will reply within 7 hours.
Raw Material Control
Use superior SBR particles and EPDM pellet raw materials to make the products more durable, more beautiful, more UV resistant, and more slip resistant.
Production Control
Workers with more than 10 years of experience, produce products that meet the requirements in strict accordance with the production process
Product Inspection
SOL RUBBER is strictly tested for every product, and we have a dedicated product inspection team responsible for our products.
Product Packaging
We strictly follow the customer's requirements for product packaging, and at the same time strengthen the fixation to ensure that the product can reach the customer safely and completely.
Professional Sales
The efficient and highly qualified sales team will provide you with exclusive services to provide you with professional products and consulting services.
Perfect After-sales
The efficient and meticulous after-sales service team will deal with all kinds of problems you may encounter in time, establish cooperation with quality, let customers worry-free use, serve customers wholeheartedly and win trust with integrity.




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