How to Clean a Rubber Gym Floor

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How to Clean a Rubber Gym Floor ?


Rubber floors or mats are commonly used in gyms or for athletic activities. They are placed under exercise equipment to prevent the equipment from damaging the floor beneath it, or are used to provide a softer flooring surface, commonly used by wrestlers and gymnasts. Routinely clean the floor to remove dirt, dust, reside and buildup. If buildup remains on the rubber flooring, it can cause the flooring to become sticky or slippery.


One of the best qualities of rubber flooring is the fact that it is extremely durable and low maintenance. Most liquids will not stain or damage the surface, and it is relatively difficult to damage the material with physical impact, due to its resilient yet yielding nature. Rubber flooring is also resistant to burns and is not susceptible to mold or mildew taking hold. Dirt and debris rest gently on the surface of a rubber floor, making it easy to sweep up.


If rubber flooring is installed with adhesive, you should not clean it in any way for at least 72 hours after installation in order to give the adhesive time to get a firm hold. After three full days, you can consider the installation complete and can treat the floor normally, with the following basic cleaning instructions


Step 1

Position a plastic scraper under any large pieces of residue, such as gum or mud. Gently lift the plastic scraper upward to scrape these items off of the floor. Dispose of large items and debris in the garbage.


Step 2

Vacuum the rubber gym floor to remove dirt, dust and debris.


Step 3

Combine a squirt of a mild liquid dish soap with warm water in a mop bucket. Alternatively, a pine or lemon-scented all-purpose cleaner or a rubber floor cleaner can be diluted in water following the manufacturer's dilution instructions and used to clean the flooring. Scented all-purpose cleaners will help diminish any rubber odors.


Step 4

Dip a nylon, soft-bristled cleaning brush into the mixture. Rub the mixture directly on any spots, spills or stains.


Step 5

Dip a mop into the cleaning solution. Wring or squeeze the mop to remove excess water. Starting on the back of the rubber flooring, begin mopping the entire surface, working your way forward. Starting at the back of the flooring allows you to clean the entire surface of the floor without stepping on any already cleaned areas.


Step 6

Rinse the mop and bucket under clean water. Continue rinsing until the water running from them is clear. Fill the bucket with cold water.


Step 7

Dip a mop into the bucket of water. Mop the floor to remove soap residue, which can leave the rubber floor looking cloudy or spotty.


Step 8

Allow the floor to air dry.




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