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Self Connect Outdoor Rubber Flooring Tiles With Holes For Playgrounds

Self Connect Outdoor Rubber Flooring Tiles With Holes For Playgrounds, find complete details about Self Connect Outdoor Rubber Flooring Tiles With Holes For Playgrounds, Flooring Tiles, Tiles With Holes, Rubber Flooring Tiles - SOL RUBBER FLOORING
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Self Connect Outdoor Rubber Flooring Tiles With Holes For Playgrounds

outdoor Safety Rubber Tiles (9)

Performance: Made of crumb rubber with polyurethane binder, durable, resilient, non-toxic, slip resistant, tough, flexible, long-lasting, excellent self-drainage, easy to install, low maintenance

outdoor Safety Rubber Tiles (4)

Product Name

Self Connect Outdoor Rubber Flooring Tiles With Holes 


300x300mm, 400 x 400mm, 500 x 500mm, 600 x 600mm, 1m x 1m, etc.


Materials 100% recycled rubber crumb or EPDM granules with MDI binder.

We only use MDI binder in all of tiles, which is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic.

Colors Solid color, color pigment, black with speckled EPDM granules, 100% EPDM and Mixed EPDM, etc.

1) Color surface, black bottom 

2) Solid color through 

3) EPDM surface, black bottom

4) EPDM through 

5) Fixed different EPDM flecks on the surface,black bottom.

6) Black through

slip resistant, 
tough, flexible,
excellent self-drainage, 
easy to install,

Free Sample


outdoor Safety Rubber Tiles (6)

outdoor Safety Rubber Tiles (5)


  1. Excellent elasticity. 
    2.Excellent shock and abrasion absorption. 
    4.Excellent performance in all weathers. 
    5.Ventilation. (Water and steam)
    6.Neutral chemistry property. 
    7.None peculiar smell. 
    8.Green, eco-supreme.(Free of toxic)
    9.Excellent resistance to rusty. 
    10.Anti-bacteria and micro organs. 
    11.Durable for longtime use.
    12.Easy installation. 
    13.Easy maintenance. 
    14.Beautiful appearance, stable, plain.
    15.The unique water permeability, quickly absorb and discharge water, keep the floor dry quickly.

rubber tile-063

outdoor Safety Rubber Tiles (10)

Self Connect Outdoor Rubber Flooring Tiles With Holes For Playgrounds Applications:

Patio Floor Tiles, Rooftop Flooring, Golf Courses, Deck Tile Surfaces, Outdoor Rubber Flooring,etc

Playgrounds, walkways, aisles, saddling and paddock areas, kindergarten rooms, golf clubhouse, dugouts, gymnasiums.


Packing on the pallets for Self Connect Outdoor Rubber Flooring Tiles With Holes For Playgrounds.
50mm thickness can be load 420sqm in a 20'fcl .
Pallet dimension :1.05x1.05x1.12m

banner1Why chose us ?
1, More than 10 years experiences .
2. Had past CE,EN1177,ISO,SGS certifications.
3. Five times strict inspection
4. High quality package like air bag
5. Customer first,wll be answer within 24 hours.


1, What are the rubber pavers made from?
 These rubber pavers are made from 100% recycled rubber graunules ,EPDM flekcs and PU Bonder .
2, What colors are available?
 Black,red ,grey ,green,blue ,beige,brown ,etc.
3, Will the tiles damage my existing floor?
No they won't. One great benefit of the gym flooring is that they will protect hardwood, tile, cement or 
resilient floors and will not leave any residue or scuff marks once the tiles are removed.
Thanks to our manufacturing process our rubber tiles will breathe and allow trapped moisture to 
evaporate, making the underlying floor and the gym orhomeowner happy.
4, Can you design new product for us?
Yes,we have a professional development team that make new products according to your requirements.
5, Can you supply sample?
Yes,we can supply you free samples.
6, What's your payment term?
Common is 30% deposit by T/T,the balance paid against shipping documents.Or L/C at sight.
7, What's the delivery time?
Within 15days for a 20' container.
8.How to install ?
We recommend you contact Eric for the details or using a licensed flooring contractor to install. Please
discuss the installation procedure with an authorized Rubber Flooring dealer prior to performing the
installation yourself.
SOL Rubber Flooring tiles can be laid loose due to their weight or fitted within a border or applied to a
solid base with a commercial grade adhesive.
Mark the tiles with a piece of chalk and steel ruler then cut with a sharp utility knife to fit within the
required area and lay in a criss cross 'brick style' pattern.
As you lay the SOL Rubber Flooring tiles, butt them together tightly without leaving any gaps.
9.How to maintain ?
Maintenance of the paver is very simple and the responsibility of the purchaser to prolong the attractive
appearance and performance of the rubber flooring. Surfaces may be swept with a soft bristled broom
or cleaned with a vacuum. Tiles should be kept dry at all times as moisture will reduce the lifetime of
rubber flooring but if a substance has been spilled which may stain then a mop and warm water may be
used and the tiles dried with towels immediately afterwards. Please keep in mind that moisture damage is not covered within this warranty.





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