What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Playground Rubber Tiles?

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Rubber mats are a necessary device to maintain the safety of outdoor playgrounds. However, many parents worry that synthetic rubber materials may have undesirable components and thus affect the health of children. Is this true? This article will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of playground rubber tiles.

The advantages of rubber flooring are very obvious, mainly in the following aspects.

1. Safety

The safety aspects of rubber tiles make them a popular choice. A high-quality rubber floor mat needs to be tested to industry safety standards set by the American Standard Test Method. Our company produces professional outdoor rubber mats that ensure children can safely fall from a height of 6 feet to 8 feet. Laying rubber tiles in wet areas, such as pool decks or playgrounds after showers, is a great way to reduce the chance of children slipping and falling. This is due to the porous nature of the rubber tile surface, which maintains surface friction even when saturated with moisture.

2. Non-toxic

Parents do not have to worry that rubber tiles will cause adverse reactions in children with sensitive skin. The safe rubber carpet circulating in the market has a very limited amount of harmful substances. Quality rubber outdoor floor mats made from natural materials are perfect for people who are sensitive to chemicals. The American Reclaimed Rubber Safety Council has tested and found that "arsenic in amusement park rubber carpet is lower than the arsenic content of rice; cadmium is lower than lobster, and nickel is less than in chocolate." The rubber mats produced by professional rubber floor mat manufacturer are completely safe to use, which are free of metals, wood, harsh chemicals, and other irritating compounds.

3. Cost-effective

Rubber outdoor mats can not only serve as a sports cushioning tool but also effectively reduce the maintenance expenses of the amusement park. This is because the maintenance cost of rubber flooring is much lower than that of grass. Rubber tiles are durable, easy to clean, and can last for years before any type of maintenance is required. A one-time fix for damaged tiles is easy, making it a budget-friendly option for your project.

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You need to compare options and go into detail to make your final choice. You can read more about all rubber playground flooring options from our official website. If you're ready to purchase high-quality rubber mats, contact us for a free quote. We'll help you design the best, safest playground surface!




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